Success is Subjective: Helping parents of college students accept that dropping out is okay

Episode 19 — Trusting Your Gut — with Ty Maves

June 24, 2020 Joanna Lilley, MA, NCC Season 1 Episode 19
Success is Subjective: Helping parents of college students accept that dropping out is okay
Episode 19 — Trusting Your Gut — with Ty Maves
Show Notes

Have you ever felt a strong pull towards something? Yet, you’re still unsure whether you’re just thinking things or if the feeling is something worth listening to? In this fast paced world, always going, going, going, it’s easy for all the noise to quickly cloud those gut feelings, in return, losing a lot of time and money. 

Ty Maves, co-founder and Executive Director of True North Wilderness, knew he needed something different in his life than the standard path. From originally being a Russian and an International Relations major, to eventually working at a wilderness therapy program, Ty has learned that stepping into your complete interest takes time. Going from thinking wilderness programs were insane, to working at one for 4 years as a guide and then going back for another several years as a therapist, Ty has found wilderness therapy to be, by far, the best education he has ever received in psychology. Ty now runs his own business in wilderness therapy and continues to step into further interests, in leadership and optimizing business. 

On this episode of Success is Subjective, Ty joins Joanna to share his journey on how he managed to find his path in the field of wilderness therapy for what turned out to be 20 years. He shares how he learned to trust his gut on what he needed in life, which eventually led him to co-found True North Wilderness Program with his wife. Listen in for insight on Ty’s story of how he learned to listen to his gut and grow that feeling into something meaningful, where he now works to provide an inspiring experience for positive change in nature for adolescents, young adults, and their families.

What You Will Learn

  • The expectations Ty’s parents had on him growing up
  • The tough choice of moving schools due to feeling out of place
  • How Ty felt about school
  • Ty’s determination to make things work when deciding to drop out of college
  • What Ty did during his year off of school
  • What made Ty fall in love with working with people and interested in psychology
  • How different college was for Ty once he had a passion for what he was studying
  • What led Ty to use his degree in wilderness therapy
  • What led Ty and his wife to start their own business in wilderness therapy in Vermont
  • How Ty’s business has led him to new interests that he’s exploring
  • The importance on how parents respond to their kids and the paths they choose to take
  • Why trusting your gut is one of the most important things you can do

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